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Lashout Eyelash Extension of Granada Hills

The Plush Lash Extension Experience

What too expect on your first visit

A First-Timer’s Guide To Getting Eyelash Extensions and Guide on what to expect

The Best Lash Studio Experience Near You

You're not just looking for a salon, but an experience. If you've never had lashes before or if this is your hundredth time getting them done, we want to make sure that each and every single session will be amazing! 

At Lashout Studio we have one goal: build self-confidence by giving each client their own personal experience during an individual eyelash appointment. This way, we can ensure our clients have complete privacy while receiving exceptional customer service--no matter what eyelash services are desired!

To help us provide you with an amazing lash experience these are things you should do beforehand:
Free Aftercare Kit, new Customer Only
Free Aftercare Kit, new Customer Only

Before Your Appointment

For the best possible results It is important that you prepare your natural eyelashes for eyelash extensions. It is highly recommended that you:

Avoid using waterproof or oil-based mascara for at minimum 2 days prior to your appointment. Even though we will clean and prime your lashes the day of, following this recommendation will ensure optimum results.

Remove all eye makeup before arriving. Our lash process includes cleaning your lashes but if you are wearing mascara or the mascara is to thick to remove we may need to reschedule your lash appointment.
The day of your appointment avoid using any OIL-BASED creams, makeup removers, lotions, sunscreens or cleansers on or near the eyelashes.

Please do not curl your natural lashes.

What to expect

On your first appointment, there will be paperwork to complete. As part of our office-wide digital transformation, you may receive an email with a link to these forms one day prior to your appointment. You will have the opportunity to review and sign the forms digitally. If you choose not to digitally sign the documents you will be able to complete the forms in the office.
When you arrive, you will be escorted to your private room. You will have a 10-minute consultation with the lash artist. At this time the lash artist will recommend and choose the perfect lash style for you.

Lash Extension Studio Near You- Private Room
Lash Extension Studio Near You- Private Room

Perfection Takes Time

Our stylists are experts and artists. To ensure you love the final product, expect to spend 1.5 to 2 hours with us on your first visit for extensions and 1 hour for lifts. This gives us sufficient time to discuss your preferences, choose the right style, complete the service and discuss aftercare with you

Our expert stylists will help you select the style best suited for your eye shape, and desired look, even taking into consideration your lifestyle to ensure that these lashes match everything else in your life. we provide a variety of options from natural looking to those that are more uplifting and full volumed.

Our Assurance To you

We curate an exclusive and luxurious ambiance
We uphold impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards throughout our upscale salon
We meticulously craft flawless lash bonds
We exclusively utilize premium, hypoallergenic products specifically chosen for their safety and efficacy
We specialize in elegant, sophisticated lash styles
We safeguard the health and integrity of your lashes
We dedicate ample time for a personalized experience
We extend exclusive perks and benefits to our members

Don't Have an Appointment?

You deserve the best treatment for your eyes and this is just what you need! Get dramatic long lashes with no mascara needed.
Free Aftercare Kit for first time customer
*Classic-Full or Classic Volume only
Lashout Studio in Granada Hills
Lashout Studio is a premier lash boutique that finds inspiration in empowering women. We believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident. Every session at Lashout Salon is 100% private with no distractions or interruptions-the perfect place for you (and your lashes) to shine.

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