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5 Things You Should Do to Make Your Lash Lift Last Longer

Senior Eyelash Extension Artist
Patty V
October 30, 2021
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With a lash lift, you can captivate anyone with just one look.

When makeup gurus do their makeup, they emphasize the eyes. After all, they can make a statement and captivate others with just one look. One of the best elements that make your eyes stand out is your lashes.

Some prefer getting lash extensions, but a lash lift is an excellent option if you want to enhance your natural lashes. If you are new to lash treatments, then you might find yourself feeling intimidated. It’s understandable since you will have someone else working so closely on your eye.

If you’re a bit nervous because of your fears of the lash treatment experiences others have shared with you, it’s okay. As long as you observe the following, your lash treatment will be successful, and the results will last longer.

Have the Treatment Done by an Experienced Beautician

If you are going to an eyelash salon in Los Angeles, it would be best for you to choose one that is reliable and has experienced beauticians. The difference between a veteran and an amateur can be very apparent once the treatment is done. If your beautician is relatively new, they might end up making your lash treatment something you wouldn’t want to remember. As such, it is always ideal to book a technician who has the experience and expertise you’re looking for.

Choose the Right Curl and Size for Your Eyes

Knowing what type of curl is best for your eyes will make all the difference. Before your treatment begins, the technician will show you variations of lash curls that you can choose from. For best results, you can ask the technician what would look good on you based on the effect you want to achieve.

There’s a need to emphasize that the right curl is important because if the size of the silicon shield itself is wrong, you might end up with overly curled lashes. As such, you need to be sure about the type of curl you want to end up with your desired results.

Keep Your Lashes Free From Humidity and Water for 24 Hours

The 24 hours that follow your treatment is critical to how your lashes will look for a long time. It is of utmost importance to keep your lashes as dry as possible. If they get wet or moist, they will end up dropping and losing their shape. In such a scenario, not only will the effort put into making them look gorgeous go to waste, but you will also not get your money’s worth. Avoid humid areas, such as saunas, to keep them dry for the next 24 hours.

Avoid Using Waterproof Mascara

There’s no need to wear mascara when you get a lash lift because all the dramatic effect you’re after has already been done on your behalf. On their own, they already look dark, long, and full, which is the ideal aesthetic.

If you still want to wear mascara, avoid the waterproof variants. Waterproof mascaras are extremely difficult to remove. If you rub at them incessantly to get rid of the product, you will end up ruining the shape of your lashes, or worse, make them fall out.

Avoid Fiddling With Your Lashes

We know how tempting it is to pick at your lashes, but you must do your best to resist the urge. Even if you’re curious about how they look, continuously fiddling with them could result in your lashes losing their shape and falling off.


Prolonging the shape and beauty of your lashes is possible when you know how to take care of them properly. With a lash lift, you can captivate anyone with just one look.

If you’re searching for an eyelash salon in Los Angeles that can help you, we’ve got you covered. Lashout Studio is a premier lash salon that strives to make women feel empowered. As the experts on lash lifts and eyelash extensions in Los Angeles, we do our best to give you the best customer experience possible. Each session is 100% private without any distractions and interruptions. Book your appointment today!

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