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Lashout Eyelash Extension of Granada Hills
Eyelash Extension / Eyelash Lift

Customer Rating 2021

go from basic to fabulous. Get The results you want.

In just minutes, you can go from plain to gorgeous. Transform your appearance and amaze your friends with a new look. Natural-looking eyelash extensions.

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November 2022 Lash Style

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Based on 32 reviews
Paula Bahamon
Paula Bahamon
May 29, 2022.
Patty is professional, her place is neat and safe. I love her genuine desire to teach her customer about different styles. Furthermore, the follow up service is phenomenal!
Angela Tawadros
Angela Tawadros
March 31, 2022.
Loved every part of this experience, and left the studio feeling extra confident in my face without makeup. Absolutely perfect outcome and will be choosing Lashout everytime!
bj rey
bj rey
January 20, 2022.
Found my new place… thank you Patty for my beautiful eye lashes!!!
Ceci Hoerner
Ceci Hoerner
December 10, 2021.
Love my lashes! Patty does a great job, works at a good pace. Got a set of Classics in about an hour. Looking forward to next visit.
Debra Lewis
Debra Lewis
September 8, 2021.
Had a lashlift, everything was great including Patty!
Cindy S
Cindy S
August 26, 2021.
This was my first time getting lash extensions, Patty did an amazing job she explained the process, it was a great experience.. I highly recommend her.
Keyla Aguilar
Keyla Aguilar
July 15, 2021.
Patty did a amazing job! Follows all Covid-19 safety guide in a very clean environment! she was super friendly and trustworthy. I liked her very much and I loved my eyelash perm! She’s very professional!!!
Abbi Dominguez
Abbi Dominguez
July 1, 2021.
Un trabajo muy profesional y muy amables las personas un lugar muy recomendable

Gorgeous natural looking lashes finally made simple

Mastered by an expert in the industry with over 9 years of experience.
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Step 1

Book Your Appointment

Our trained staff will help you book your appointment or answer your lash questions
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Step 2

Arrive On-Time

Arrive with a clean canvas, open mind, and on time. Let the lash artist do her thing.
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Step 3

Get Beautiful Lashes

Our lash artist has over 7 years of experience giving women the best lash treatment

Experience how it feels to have Natural Looking eyelash extensions

When it comes to getting gorgeous eyes without makeup, there is no easier way than with natural-looking lash extensions!

Your beauty routine is about to be forever changed when you learn more about our revolutionary new product. Lashout Studio VIP will give your natural lashes that dramatic, full look in seconds! We use only the finest quality materials and application process so they'll last up to 3 weeks with proper care.

Lash Extensions made for active lifestyles

Makeup is a hassle, for an active woman or a mom who works. Active women are always on the move, whether they're training at their local gym, running errands with their kids, or just trying to get through another day of work. A lot of times that means forgetting about applying makeup altogether because there's just not enough time in the morning. 

We provide a wide variety of styles - from natural, to glamorous, to full glamour

About our Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions

For the active woman or a mom who works, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to take care of yourself. With "Activity-Z-Lashes" you don't have to worry about smudged mascara or clumpy lashes getting in your eyes while you work out!

Activity Z Lashes is an eyelash enhancement treatment for the busy woman who wants longer, thicker lashes without having to apply mascara or eyelash curler everyday. It's perfect for someone who works full-time, has kids at home, works out regularly, and still wants to look and feel gorgeous.

"Everything we do is with care and attention to detail"

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Quality Material that is safe for your eyes

If you're tired of cheap, flimsy lashes that fall out in a day or two, consider investing your beauty budget on our premium long lash extensions. Our products are not the average fake eyelashes made with cheap plastic; we use only high-quality synthetic cashmere to create natural looking luscious lashes. They will last you up to 1 week longer than many off-the-shelf lashes without any fuss or hassle!

Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions by

Highly Experienced Lash Artist

Patty is a licensed Cosmetologist with over 7 years of experience in the industry. She has been a business owner for 4 years and currently operates her own private studio. Patty takes pride in providing a clean environment and being ultra-knowledgeable of all the new styles. In addition, she is knowledgeable about the safest lash extensions products and is an educator in the care of lashes. She follows all safety procedures and guidelines to ensure that her clients are always safe and satisfied.  Patty is also an educator when it comes to caring for lashes, and follows all safety procedures and guidelines to ensure her clients' well-being.
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Extreme close up of womens eyelashes
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Women with close up of her eyelashes

Premium Eyelash Extensions 

Say good-bye to messy glue on strip lashes, eyelash curling, and mascara.

You don't have time to spend putting on mascara every morning. Eyelash extensions is the perfect solution for busy women who want to look their best without spending a lot of time doing it.

Our synthetic cashmere lashes are thicker, lighter and darker looking, yet still perfect for our classic treatment. Double split tip creates stunning full looking eyelash extensions that will leave you feeling beautiful and confident all day long.

We use only the finest quality products and techniques when applying your eyelash extension service so that you get the most natural look possible while achieving longer, fuller lashes in an hour!

Still on the fence? 

Eyelash extensions are an investment; at Lashout we understand that. Our Guarantee protects your investment.
The Lashout Risk-Free Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Un-Natural Shedding Guarantee *. If you loose a noticeable amount of lash extensions with-in 48 hours of getting a full-set or touchup, don't panic! Book an appointment with us and we will fill in any gaps at no additional charge.
Money Back Guarantee* If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. We're passionate about making sure our clients are satisfied, so if you aren't 100% happy with your lashes for any reason at all and call within 24 hr of the last appointment we'll  remove the lashes at no charge to you and give you a partial refund.
* Call for details, Applies to select lash styles. Not valid with Classic-Lite Full Set. Restrictions apply.

Everything you need to know about eyelash extensions

Questions about our Eyelash Enhancement Service? Curious about Activity-Z Lashes?
Text us at +1(818) 900-1085
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Does your lifestyle keep you too busy to take care of yourself? You deserve more than just a quick fix, and eyelash enhancement can be the answer!

Women in spq getting treatment
The Benefits of Lashout Studio, Eyelash Enhancement Treatment. 
No pulling of natural lashes
Prevents breakage of your natural lashes
Your eyelash beauty routine, simplified
No more mascara! The lashes are longer and fuller
We use high-quality products
Safest Lash Enhancement treatment in the market
Lashout Studio in Granada Hills
Lashout Studio is a premier lash boutique that finds inspiration in empowering women. We believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident. Every session at Lashout Salon is 100% private with no distractions or interruptions-the perfect place for you (and your lashes) to shine.

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