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You’ve tried everything to make your lashes look bolder and longer, but nothing has worked. Lashes are the most important part of your makeup routine. They frame your eyes and give you a youthful glow. But what happens when they start to look more tired than bright?

Like many women, you may have noticed that as you age, the lashes on your eyelids become thinner and shorter. This can make them seem less full, especially if they’re not coated with mascara or eyeliner.

And because we also lose hair in other parts of our body as we get older—including eyebrows—we often need to rely even more heavily on false lashes for that extra boost of volume and thickness around our eyes.
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Women with Activity-Z Lash Extension from Lash Studio Near Me

The Surprising Benefit of Lash Extensions

With our lash extensions, we can help make your eyes pop with volume and length without having to do anything else! Just sit back while we work our magic on your lashes for a few hours in a relaxing environment.

The anti-aging upside of Lash Extensions is that it will lift your face by adding more definition to your eyes without having to apply any makeup at all! Because you no longer need to wear mascara or use a lash curler, you won’t be removing makeup or pulling at your lashes which can cause premature aging around the eye area. In addition, when applied by an experienced lash artist using high-quality products like those used in Activity-Z Lash Extensions, there is virtually zero risks of damage caused by improper application since we only work with 100%

Discover the best lash extensions near you

You're not just looking for a lash salon, but an experience. We offer the best prices on eyelash extensions near you and the most experienced lash artists. We want to make sure that when it comes to your lashes, we've got you covered - literally!

Lashout Studio is a place for the best eyelashes in Granada Hills. Our mission is to provide you with stunning looks that last and are sure to make your eyes pop! We offer an array of lash services from individual lashes, volume lashes all while keeping our prices affordable so everyone can look amazing without breaking their bank account!
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Lashout Studio in Granada Hills
Lashout Studio is a premier lash boutique that finds inspiration in empowering women. We believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident. Every session at Lashout Salon is 100% private with no distractions or interruptions-the perfect place for you (and your lashes) to shine.

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