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Lashout Eyelash Extension of Granada Hills

Glam up your look with our New Eyelash Extension Styles 

With our Eyelash enhancement service, you can get fuller, darker, and thicker eyelashes without looking like you are wearing eyelash extensions. 

Premium Eyelash Extension - Ultra Fine Lightweight

Premium Eyelash Extensions

Ultra Fine Lightweight Eyelash Extension

Our premium eyelash extensions provide the perfect balance of beauty and comfort. Ultra-Fine lightweight lashes make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and stunningly gorgeous - but without compromising on weight or feeling unnatural. Don't just take our word for it though: many customers rave about how light they feel and what a remarkable difference these extensions have made to their eye appearance!

What's your lash style? 

classic-lite eyelash extension

Classic Style (Lite)

The Classic-lite is Perfect for every day wear. Covering your lashes with a natural look, while accentuating the beauty of existing eyelashes. For professional woman looking to get an everyday classic lash set that’s versatile enough for the office or night out, this is it!
(classic-lite/20 pieces per eye)
classic-lite eyelash extension

Classic Style (Full)

Dazzle up your eyes with our Classic Eyelash Extension Style. Your natural lashes can look fuller without overdoing it, and you'll love the dramatic effect of long, beautiful lashes. Longer, bigger-looking luscious lashes are full but still natural-looking
(classic-full/40 pieces per eye)
classic-full eyelash extension

Elegance Night

Elegance is the height of glamour, volume, and drama for when you're feeling something special. If you want to be the prettiest girl at the party or want a little break from your natural lashes - go all in with this lovingly handcrafted lash extension style
(elegance/80 pieces per eye)
classic-bold eyelash extension


These sexy lashes are sure to turn heads in a good way. This voluminous looks is worth it for the attention you'll get from these stunning, dramatic lashes.  Allure Bold will give you volume like you've never experienced before.
(Allure-Bold/110+ pieces per eye)

The New Look for 2023 - The Whimsy

Activity Z Lashes Made for women who lead an active lifestyle

Lashout Classic Whimsy

You’ve probably noticed that the most popular beauty trend nowadays is thick, voluminous eyelashes. But who has time for mascara? It can be a pain to apply, and it’s not always easy to get off or maintain.

Eyelashes are the most important part of your face. They attract attention, they give you a more feminine look and they make you feel good about yourself.

Unfortunately, not everyone can grow long eyelashes naturally.

Finally! Natural-looking Eyelash Extensions in Los Angeles that will not damage your natural lashes

Say goodbye to clumpy mascara and long makeup routines. We at Lashout Studio have an innovative solution to get those voluminous extensions from the moment you walk out of your house: Best natural fake eyelash extensions that look natural and don't damage your own lashes.

We use a semi-permanent adhesive product with high-quality, soft synthetic fiber hairs for different lash lengths. It only takes about 30-60 minutes for our fully trained stylists to give you the full impact!
Lashout Studio Activity Z Lashes Eyelash Extension
Eyelash Artist apply eyealash extensions
The best part about our Lashes is that it’s safe for those with sensitive eyes – no harsh chemicals, making it so you can do your everyday activities without the heavy burden of wearing budget extensions. 

Increase your lashes' volume up to 500% in just a matter of minutes. Individual Eyelash Extensions are applied one by one directly onto each of your natural lashes. The safest medical-grade adhesive is used, no formaldehyde or cyanoacrylate, and because the lashes we use are made from premium synthetic fibers, no harmful fumes are going into your eyes either!

Upgrade Your Look

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for longer, fuller, and thicker eyelashes today!
Lashout Studio in Granada Hills
Lashout Studio is a premier lash boutique that finds inspiration in empowering women. We believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident. Every session at Lashout Salon is 100% private with no distractions or interruptions-the perfect place for you (and your lashes) to shine.

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