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Should You Get a Keratin Lash Lift? Find Out Here!

Senior Eyelash Extension Artist
Patty V
November 27, 2021
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Keratin lash lifts are an increasingly popular service offered at spas and salons. This is because more and more people are discovering the range of benefits that keratin lash lifts offer over other eyelash-lifting treatments on the market today.

If you're not familiar with what a keratin lash lift is, it's essentially a type of eyelash perm that involves applying a form of liquid keratin to an individual's eyelashes. Then, the liquid must set for several hours before you can begin to use any products on your lashes or even go about their daily routine.

The keratin lash lift is a relatively new treatment meant to stretch and straighten each strand of your eyelashes. It also curls your lashes up and they stay curved until your next appointment.

A lash lift gives you the same dramatic effect as lash extensions, but it’s a lot quicker and cheaper to do. If you’re new to the trend, here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of a keratin lash lift.

Enhances Your Natural Lashes

Who doesn’t want thicker lashes, right? Keratin eyelash lift will give you a thicker one that will enhance your natural lashes. The good thing? You don’t need to do anything to achieve it, unlike with lash extensions. That said, you wake up every day with beautiful and thicker natural lashes!

Makes Your Lashes Curlier & Darker

Another benefit of a keratin lash lift is that regardless of the shape of your existing lashes, the treatment can make them look a thousand times better. You’ll notice your lashes to be darker and curlier than ever before. You might want to toss that mascara in the bin because you no longer need it!

Perfect for All Types of Lashes

Regardless of the type of your lashes, you can have a keratin lash lift treatment and get amazing results. Some people who have short and thin lashes think that they can’t have this treatment because what’s there to “lift,” anyway?

The truth is, the lash technique is applicable for all types of lashes and you can guarantee you’ll get better lashes than ever!

Easy to Maintain

When it comes to lashes, you don’t want something that will require you to have it touched up many times, right? You want low-maintenance lashes! A keratin lash lift treatment ensures low-maintenance lashes because it’s a one-time treatment. There’s no after-care needed as well. Once it’s done, it’s done! And you get to go on with your life with more beautiful lashes.

Safe to Use

Since keratin is a natural protein in the body, the treatment is safe for you. If you think about it, mascaras and other eye makeups are the ones that contain potentially harmful chemicals that could harm your eyes. A keratin lash lift treatment is safe and effective.


Don’t you just love that there are now many treatments that can make your facial features look even more beautiful? The eyes are said to be the windows of your soul; therefore, it only makes sense you make them prettier. A keratin lash lift treatment may just be what you need.

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