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Classic-lite full set eyelash extensions

Get our most popular full-set lash extension for only $100. You'll get 20 pieces per eye giving you a total of 40 lashes.
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your lashes, our Style. Perfect Together.

One lash extension is applied to each of your natural lashes, giving you a more natural looking eyelashes. 
classic-lite eyelash extension


The Classic-lite is Perfect for every day wear. Covering your lashes with a natural look, while accentuating the beauty of existing eyelashes. 
20 pieces per eye
classic-lite eyelash extension


Your natural lashes can look fuller without overdoing it, and you'll love the dramatic effect of long, beautiful lashes. 
40 pieces per eye)
classic-full eyelash extension

Elegance Night

The height of glamour, volume, and drama for when you're feeling something special.  Go all in with this lovingly handcrafted lash extension style
80 pieces per eye
classic-bold eyelash extension


This voluminous look is worth it for the attention you'll get from these stunning, dramatic lashes.  
110+ pieces per eye
Limited Special Offer for first time customers
Natural eyelash Extensions starting at $100
Classic Eyelash Extensions Style
Natural Lashes Extension
lash Extensions on model
Model with Lashes
Black and White photo of model with eyelash extensions
Color photo of model with large eyes and eyelash extensions

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Still on the fence? 

Eyelash extensions are an investment; at Lashout we understand that. Our Guarantee protects your investment.
The Lashout Risk-Free Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Un-Natural Shedding Guarantee *. If you loose a noticeable amount of lash extensions with-in 48 hours of getting a full-set or touchup, don't panic! Book an appointment with us and we will fill in any gaps at no additional charge.
Money Back Guarantee* If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. We're passionate about making sure our clients are satisfied, so if you aren't 100% happy with your lashes for any reason at all and call within 24 hr of the last appointment we'll  remove the lashes at no charge to you and give you a partial refund.
* Call for details, Applies to select lash styles. Not valid with Classic-Lite Full Set. Restrictions apply.

Lashes that Enhance your eye shape

Classic-lite Style Starting at $100

How long do eyelash extensions last?

With Activity-Z-Lashes, you can get dramatic long lashes designed to make you look like a goddess. Extensions that feel light in weight and last up to 3 weeks! Gentle on your real natural lashes yet stay securely in place. No more mascara!

Your natural eyelash growth cycle is about 75-100 days, and as they age the lash extension falls off, with them. Proper care of your extension includes replacing the extensions that fall out with a new one to fill in the gaps. This means that your extensions can last for quite some time!

Can I shower with my eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions feel just like your natural lashes, but don’t quite function like your natural lashes. Let me explain. Soon after your eyelash enhancement treatment, you’ll have to wait 24 hours before water can touch your eyelashes. Eyelash extension adhesives require time to cure. This means the adhesive needs time to dry thoroughly to bond the lash extension with your natural lashes. During this 24hr period, you must be gentle with your eyes and not allow water to touch them. After the 24 hour curing period you may shower as normal. Just be sure to be gentle around your eyes.

Should You Give Your Natural Lashes a Break Between Extensions?

Since your natural lash growth cycle occurs every six to eight weeks, it is not necessary to give your lashes a break. To maintain the style and lushes look of your eyelashes, you should get touch-ups at the most every three to four weeks.

At Lashout we pay close attention to your natural lashes. For instance, if the your lashes have changed in texture or fullness, we take the necessary steps to adjust your styling accordingly. By simply changing the type of lash extensions being used can make a big difference. A change to the length or the width of the extensions, such as going with a thinner or shorter extension might be needed during the refill process.

Silk, Cashmere, Faux Mink which is best?

All Lash extensions are made from synthetic material. Lashes range from stiff-plastic-like dirt-cheap lashes to soft more natural premium lashes.

The premium lashes are Faux Mink, Silk, and Cashmere. These lashes are very soft and lightweight with a matta finish and match more closely to natural lashes.

Much like clothing sizes, each style of an eyelash can vary considerably across different brands. So, why the different names? Because of the competition between lash brands, names are used to aid marketing and distinguish one product from another

Don’t be afraid to ask your lash artist which varieties they offer.
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