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Eye Creams: Your Eyelash Extensions' Natural Enemy

Senior Eyelash Extension Artist
Patty V
December 23, 2021
Women applying Eye Cream
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Congratulations! You now have your gorgeous complete set of classic eyelash extensions for at least twenty-four hours, and you did a stellar job keeping them dry. But before you resume your usual skincare routine, you may want to leave out your trusty eye cream.

Eye creams and eyelash extensions do not get along. Here’s why.

How Eyelash Extensions Work

Eyelashes extensions are synthetic fibers that are attached to your lashes to make them look longer and fuller. Professional beauticians use special semi-permanent adhesives to attach every lash to your existing lashes carefully.
Placing the synthetic hair on natural lashes makes the extensions look part of your real lashes. Furthermore, this means that when your existing eyelashes fall out, so do your extensions.

Eye Creams vs. Eyelash Extension Bonds

Eye creams are thick moisturizers that are formulated to keep the delicate skin under your eyes hydrated. The skin-loving ingredients in the creams are mostly oils or oily ingredients that nourish the skin and make the area around the eyes smoother and brighter.
However, the nourishing oils can be bad for eyelash extensions. The oils make the lash adhesive softer and more pliable. But with the massive amount of oil in the eye cream, the bond will slowly dissolve until your natural-looking lash extensions are no more.

More Agents of Eyelash Extension Extinction

Eyelash extension aftercare instructs that you don’t get your lashes wet for at least twenty-four hours after installation. Professionals also advise steering clear of waterproof eye makeup and mascara. All these aftercare tips aim to keep the bond secure and avoid premature eyelash removal.
Aside from these, you may want to read the labels of your beauty care products. It is best to avoid using products that have lanolin, mineral oil, paraffin wax, petrolatum, and vegetable oil around your eyes. These ingredients can compromise your lash-extension bonds.

Eye Cream Alternatives

If you have new eyelash extensions but eye creams are essential to your daily beauty regimen, don’t worry. There are alternatives that you can look into depending on what your eye cream does for you.

Puffy Eyes: Adjust Your Diet

Unless it’s genetic, water retention is the main cause of the puffiness under your eyes. When there is too much salt in your bloodstream, your body retains more water. Often, the excess water registers as puffiness on your face and under your eyes.

Dry Skin: Use Oil-Free Moisturizers

When your main undereye issue is dryness, you may want to use your regular moisturizer. It works as a skin-nourishing product but with less oil—so use it sparingly. You can also look for oil-free moisturizers and sunscreens.

Puffiness, Dry Skin, and Fine Lines: Eye Gels

Eye gels are essentially like eye creams without the oil. It’s an oil-free, water gel-based moisturizer that uses aloe vera, vitamin C, and other minerals to hydrate the skin, eliminate fine lines, and battle undereye puffiness.


Natural-looking eyelash extensions can do a lot to boost your confidence. To keep them looking fabulous for as long as you can, make sure to take care of them.
Remember to keep your lash extensions dry for the first twenty-four hours. Use lash serums to keep them looking awesome, brush them with a spoolie brush, don’t pick on them, and skip the eye cream. But if your under-eye needs more love, try eye gels instead.
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