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A Guide to Getting Eyelash Extensions While Pregnant

Senior Eyelash Extension Artist
Patty V
January 9, 2022
pregnant women
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Going through pregnancy can be quite the phase in any person’s life, full of mixed emotions. Although no two people will experience the same thing, several elements remain the same for quite a number of people. For example, many are filled with happiness, especially at the thought of nurturing and parenting a child.

However, there’s also the experience of insecurities that you can seem to look a little different during pregnancy. Makeup can help improve your appearance and esteem, but it can take way more time and effort than you can afford while being a mother-to-be. Lash extensions are a great way to help you look amazing without spending too many hours on your vanity table.

Of course, safety and reassurance is the top priority of any person who’s expecting. Here’s a short guide for anyone going through pregnancy who’s interested in getting eyelash extensions.

1) Do Your Research

Getting lash extensions may seem pretty straightforward, but it’s best to look into the treatment process and any potential side-effects that may come as a result of it. For example, hair growth and loss can fluctuate during pregnancy, affecting the retention of lash extensions.

Be thorough and informed before making an appointment. Even when you do finally have a schedule, it’s recommended to meet with a lash specialist and exchange as much information as necessary to feel secure about your own body and your baby throughout the process.

2) Check the Ingredients

Certain ingredients used in the treatment, such as lash glue or the material of the lashes themselves, may be something that you’re allergic to or downright irritable. For example, formaldehyde can be harmful when exposed to your baby.

Make it a common practice to inquire and avoid any unwanted health reactions. Check if certain ingredients are included in the list and request a better and gentler set of products. That way, you can exclude the components that may be bad for your pregnancy.

3) Run a Patch Test

It’s recommended to have a patch test, even with the swap of ingredients thereafter. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all. Allow a lash specialist to apply a lash or two to your natural ones with glue rather than a full meal deal right away. In case there is a reaction, reserve your lash extension appointment until after childbirth instead.

4) Find the Ideal Position

Eyelash extension applications can take quite a while, with about two hours at most. Although clients are expected to lie on their back, it’s best to find a better position that works in consideration of your unborn child. Make yourself comfortable, as you will have to spend quite a while in that position when the appointment starts.

5) Check-In Afterwards

Assuming you do go through the eyelash extension appointment and you finish it, it’d be ideal to touch base with your lash specialist once more about the output, how you’re feeling, and the potential aftereffects you’ll go through. Going through a final briefing and ensuring that you feel secure is paramount.


Women who have had experience getting eyelash extensions pre-pregnancy should have no problem going through the application process. You can look forward to looking amazing each morning and having your self-confidence intact.

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