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Trying Eyelash Extensions? Here Are 4 Popular Styles to Choose From

Senior Eyelash Extension Artist
Patty V
July 25, 2021
Natural Look eyelash extensions
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Eyelash extension styling is creating a specific shape along the eyelid

Your eyes are one of the first features someone notices when they look at your face, and your eyelashes highlight their beauty. However, not everyone is born with a set of long, full, beautiful eyelashes, which is why some people rely on extensions to do the trick.

If you want to achieve the most natural-looking eyelash extensions, keep reading through this article.

Why Should You Try Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions can do a lot of wonders for your overall look. Aside from making your eyes look more attractive, they can save you a lot of time when doing makeup. You also won’t have to suffer from mascara skid marks that can derail your morning routine. All you need to do is determine the best eyelash style that suits your eye shape perfectly.

When you try shopping around for lashes, you will notice that there is a long list of choices available. So, before you buy, you should explore your options in terms of eyelash length, thickness, curl, and the number of lashes. Remember, there are also crossovers between styles you can choose from, so weigh your final decision carefully!

Here are four of the most common eyelash extensions you can start with:

1. Natural Eyelashes

A lot of people just want some natural-looking eyelashes instead of anything too over the top. This style should follow the same form as your natural eyelashes and have combinations of different lengths to look more realistic. It should also be consistent with the length across your eyelid, with some on the inner and outer edges.

2. Cat Eyelashes

Taylor Swift’s discography is known and sung all over the world—and so is her cat-eye makeup style. This style is ideal if you have a similar upturned eye shape with TS. To achieve cat eyelashes, you can do the same process as that of the eyeliner but in a more particular way.

For cat-eye lash extensions, the shortest length of the eyelash begins at the inner corner of the eye and narrows up to the outer corner. There should be a 50 percent difference in length once the lashes reach the outer corner of the eye.

3. Open Eyelashes

Open eyelashes are the best choice if you want your eyes to look bigger and rounder. The open eyelashes style adds volume and length halfway through the eyelid to help shape the center of the eye. It then narrows down to both ends to gradually create asymmetry.

4. Baby Doll Eyelashes

Megan Fox is the poster child of the baby doll eyelash style. You can also use this if you want your eyes to appear more prominent. Baby doll eyelashes are styled somewhere in between the natural and open eye. The length of the lashes runs across the eye line, with the middle part of the eye having the most extended lash length.

Final Thoughts

If you cannot find the right eyelash style for your eyes, you should seek out the services of an experienced lash technician. Look for someone with a make-up background, then ask them about the kind of extension they would use on you and what length and style they recommend. Once you find a lash technician you like, tell them about your eyelash preferences and let them help you make a choice!

A good eyelash technician can give you the best possible option without sacrificing your personal style and comfort. If you are looking for the best eyelash extensions in Los Angeles, you can visit Lashout Studio—our lash technicians will surely help you get the perfect fit!

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