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Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

Senior Eyelash Extension Artist
Patty V
August 9, 2021
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Eyelash extensions are an excellent choice for those who wish to enhance their eye look for more than one night. They can last anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks and eliminate the need for eye makeup.

With lash extensions, you can add so much flair and drama to your eyes that it’s easy to get away with wearing less makeup.

The upkeep isn't too tricky either (thanks to the beauty gods), but there are a few fundamental guidelines to follow. Continue reading to learn how to avoid messy lash extensions after application.

Steer Clear of Water for the Next 48 Hours
Any moisture around the eyes is a no-no once you've put on your new set of extensions. It would be best if you let the adhesive set in so that your lashes last as long as possible. When cleaning your face, avoid the area around the eyes and use an oil-free makeup remover. Keep eye makeup to a minimum for the first 48 hours to prevent washing the lashes directly and enhance the extensions.

Do Not Use Oil-Based Products
Avoid oil cleansers and makeup removers because oil breaks down the adhesive that binds the lashes in place. Use a gel-based remover to avoid dissolving the glue. Micellar water is another excellent choice for maintaining the adherence of your extensions and removing debris in general.

Avoid Using Waterproof Eye Products
Waterproof makeup will not wash off with regular face wash, despite the name. Removal usually necessitates using an oil-based cleanser, which we've found is a big no-no when it comes to extensions.

According to experts, you won't need mascara or liner when you have lash extensions; the extensions provide a similar impact to traditional eye-enhancing makeup. If you still want to go for a conventional eye appearance, try applying a non-waterproof one, so your eye makeup is easier to remove.

Keep Mechanical Lash Curlers Away
Although an eyelash curler is a must-have in our beauty bags, it's better to avoid using one with lash extensions. You may develop a kink that won't go away. If you decide to curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, experts suggest choosing one that heats your lashes like a bit of curling iron.

Brush Them with a Soft Bristle Brush
Make sure to brush out your fluttery new lashes regularly to keep them looking great. The general rule is only to brush them out when necessary. Clean brushes are available in most drugstores and beauty supply stores. When your mascara tube runs dry, wash off the wand, and you'll have a lash comb on hand.

Do Not Pull or Pick Your Lashes
Clients should resist the impulse to play with their lashes during the day or when cleansing, as enticing as it may be. Fiddling with the extensions might not only pull out the false lashes, but it can also harm your natural lashes.

Replace Your Pillowcase with One Made of Silk or Satin
You probably heard that using a silk pillowcase will help curly hair and wrinkles on the face, and guess what? It's true. You can now add the preservation of lash extensions to the list of advantages.

Stop Rubbing Your Eyes with Your Fingers
This tip is much easier said than done, but if you want to preserve your lash extensions, you'll need to break your tendency of rubbing your eyes. They'll start pouring like rain as a result of the friction, and you'll be out another total set price far sooner than you expected.

Wrapping Up
Eyelash extensions might be challenging to keep up with, but they are well worth the effort. They have a great appearance and last a long time. Why not book an eyelash extension treatment with us if you've never had a treatment before? Lashout Studio will give you a set of natural-looking eyelash extensions that you will love and look after. Contact us to schedule a no-distraction session today!

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